Flashback Sexy

Date: 6/8/2017

By SHeesch26

Sierra M and I, meet up in Breckenridge and I pick her up near a bar and we're instantly flirty like old times. A girl walks into a bar that's supposed to be a similar version to a hot girl I know but is much less attractive in the dream. Wonderful weather. We go around the bar and suddenly it's winter and there's a pick-up I had parked there buried in snow which we easily dug out, with intentions of fooling around inside. After doing just that a few times (me easily tossing her around, playfully) we notice a group of women nearby that may see us. They walk by and I cover up her with my t-shirt and cover my privates with a jersey. After they walk by were suddenly in a version of my room, her brothers sleeping on the floor as we continue to mess around. The night passes and I wake up around 10 AM to text her when I realize she was cuddled up with her brothers on the floor. I panic because I think her parents will try to find her but she's in no hurry so I tell her brothers they can sleep on the little bed that suddenly appeared and she can crawl back into bed with me to cuddle.