Death Mansion

Date: 3/11/2017

By Oyasumi

I know the title sounds silly but it's currently the only thing I can come up with. - - - - Me and a group of people I don't know (along with a parent) go to a mansion where the owner promises us a tour of his home in the form of a roller coaster ride. We get in the seats and it takes us out of the house before turning around and going back in. This process was slow and while it was happening, a girl beside me kept saying we would enter the house and the floor would be gone. Turns out she was correct, where a large carpet had been the floor was gone but then it popped back into existence. Odd but this is a dream. The owner comes out from around the corner and reveals to us that his plan was to kill us. We traversed the house in an attempt to find the exit and quickly learned that there were monsters all over the place. It looked like an abandoned house. As I was looking around, I came across one of the monsters but he was nice. Literally, Nick Valentine from Fallout 4. But he only looked like him, he played a different role in the dream, wore ripped farmers clothing and was much larger. Somewhat like a scarecrow. I think the name was Jack though I'm not sure. Anyways, he tries to get me out of the house so I follow him. We end up making our way to the top of the mansion, where I believe the owner was. At one floor, there was this creature that looked like a deformed human. It's skin was dry, flaked and practically stuck to it's bones. The mouth and nose was completely missing like the flesh had melted over it and the eyes were gray as if it was blind. It crawled on all fours and sniffed the air to sense the presence of others. We were just coming up the stairs when we noticed him. Jack (the name in which I will be referring to the Nick look-a-like from now on) had us all stay back and wait until the creature was gone but some idiot decided to keep talking loudly and suddenly it was aware of our presence. Jack crushed his head with a pipe and we were done. We made our way up the second set of stairs and noticed and open door. I decided I would enter and found a black cat crouched and staring at me from under a table but it had no eyes. I slowly approached it but it ran away. I remember it said something like, "It is not me you should fear but the torso I bring," I feared it would call a monster so I just ran back out the door and slammed it closed just as said monster on the other side tried to open it. I struggled with it for a while but then the handle on my side of the door broke off and the creature got out. Once it did, though, I realized it was an abnormally large black panther that I instantly recognized as an ally. The panther began running around and killing as many monsters as possible. And ran back down the stairs. I don't remember much of what happens after but I do remember 'waking up' in my home after the owner was killed. I returned to the mansion to find Jack because he had helped me and I wanted him to leave the mansion. When I entered, however, I was swarmed by monsters but I did spot Jack. I ran and jumped on his back as he killed the monsters. "I can't keep protecting you." It was half a joke and half serious. I tell him to leave the mansion with me and he agrees but before we could leave, a voice said behind us, "Don't think we're going to let you leave." We turn around and find the idiots who talked before hand. Turns out they were synths. Another reference to Fallout (and I don't know why). Jack tries to his them with the pipe but gets electrocuted. - - - - And then I woke up. There were certainly a lot of gaps in this one....