A Crazy Storm and The Oscars

Date: 3/12/2017

By GageVermillion

The first thing I remember about my dream is that I was on a school bus. I can't remember if I was alone on the bus or not; I think there were other people. Anyway, out of nowhere a storm breaks out in the sky and freaks everyone out. To stay safe, my bus and other cars started to back up into these tunnel things to hide from the storm. After this happens, I go to this building and sit in this small room. There are a few other people in this room. In the room, there are chairs and there is a television on the wall that is playing the Oscars. I didn't want to be in that room though. I wanted to be in the room next to me where I could actually watch the Oscars in person. I tried to get in to the other room, but someone would stop me and take me back to my seat. After the show ends, I go to this older looking home and talk to this man who eventually takes me down to his basement which turns out to be the Oscars, the room I wanted to get into earlier! It was kinda strange, but I really liked this dream. Anyone have an idea on what this dream could mean?