I Found my Own Body

Date: 3/5/2019

By LilMisoBunny

I can’t remember every exact detail of this dream but I was with a group of friends, we were looking for something or someone, I can not recall which. But we split up and after sometime we felt as if we should stop looking and those of us that stopped looking decided to wait for the three others. We waited in this room, I don’t know if it was like a motel, cabin, or house but after a while it was starting to get later in the day and much time had passed, so we all got worried and decided to go search for the three others. After searching everywhere we can upon a drainage system up in the woods overlooking the small town we were in. As we looked in the uncovered hole where the drain was, we made a horrific discovery. Lying at the bottom was not water but 3 very detailed bodies, two of them were our friends who went out searching earlier and the one in the middle was ME! As soon as I saw the mangled bod and saw it was my own face, I instantly woke up.