Searching for something

Date: 4/1/2017

By stefdrms

My dream started at a place that looked like it was a transportation beacon. There Sooo many people around me. I started to notice all these people were people I knew at one point or know now. It seemed they deliberately had their back to me or side to me and wouldn't look me in the eye. ( this is the second time I dream something similar just different locations , I woke up thinking I was going to die lol) This is when I realized I was licid dreamed. I keep walking down the concrete. The only people that would look st me were strangers walking past me. I start hearing sentences and phrases of things that have been troubling me as of lAte, being spoken by all these random people. I notice a ball roll fast past me. I wonder to myself if I could bring myself to move the back to me like i have with other objects in other lucid dreams. So, I try... to no avail. Lol I thought oh well I sss happy to be aware and present in my dream at least. I reach this plastic tables where it seems dinner is set up in an industrial like setting and metal chairs all concrete floors and cement bricks around us . I take a seat around people I've never known before.