9/16 Terrorist Attack

Date: 5/15/2017

By cocoa1370

Dad, Courtney, and I were in a mall of a foreign country somewhere. I remember seeing newspaper with the date 9/16/17. We ended up watching an Indian-styled wedding which was somehow in the mall. We watched the bride dance in a really beautiful gown that was half white satin material and the other half was all diamonds. Then all of the music stopped and a guy came over the intercom and said to his accomplices to bomb everyone you see, children and all. So everyone starts running outside into the street and there's people everywhere running in panic. We are running and avoiding bombs everywhere. We have to avoid being seen in big groups or we are easier targets for the bombs. We go into local shops to try to hide but they kick us out because they don't want people to be seen in their stores or they will be bombed. We run back to our hotel but we don't want to go inside because it is a big target for a bomb. We hide out in the rental car in the parking lot with the lights off and hope the bombers don't see us. I tried to look up the number for our country's embassy to help us, and that's when I woke up.