Gingerbread Men

Date: 8/24/2017

By comatose-dreamer

This middle aged lady with scraggly red and white hair lived in this two story house in the neighborhood and everyone was afraid of her because she acted very weird and creepy. (dream skips ahead) Me and this male adult friend of mine were talking to her a lot and I guess became friends with her. She was actually pretty nice and wasn't creepy at all. She put up this facade to defend herself against other people. She then invites me and my adult male friend to her house. It turns out that she actually lives in her garage because trhe main part of the house was taken over and turned into a housing/office building for a (stereotypical) evil company. An employee came out into the garage and yelled at her for not doing her job. We felt bad for her, so we asked 3 people to help us beat up the employees and chase them out of the house. (dream skips ahead) We're beating up the employees, even the lady joins in. I shot up my leg and hit one of the employees in the chin and knocks him out. The lady made gingerbread men of some of the employees for some reason. It turned out that one of employees we were fighting was her son, which she also made a cookie of him. I somehow found out she had the ability to make voodoo dolls with gingerbread men that actually hurt them with the cookies with manipulated in any way and anybody would be tempted to eat them no matter what. A piece of the son's head on the cookie broke off which then broke off a piece of his skull. Some blood trickled down his cheek and was starting to die. I hurriedly grabbed the piece and tried to hot glue the piece back on but it didn't work. I turned around and did something, but I turned to check on the cookie, all that was left was the lower stomach and legs. I look over to the person and all I saw was the lower stomach and legs with jean pants on standing there and facing towards me.