The Cabin

Date: 7/22/2019

By dariyah.collins

Me and my dad were walking into a bus station where there was a line of people. We had to have cards or tickets to get on the bus or train or whatever it was. My dad said go give trinity her card. I was really confused and he pointed to her up further ahead in the line. I went and gave her the ticket. She had zero makeup and her hair was short in a half up half down style. Then one of the stewardess asked me to help her find isabella and another women's tickets. I gave Bella her ticket and she was wearing zero makeup and had a gray baggy t-shirt on with her hair in a long curly messy ponytail. Then I saw Nina and she didn't have a ticket yet so I helped her find her ticket. I couldn't remember her name at first but when the stewardess showed me a picture her name was underneath the ocean and waves. I sat down and talked to Bella and trinity to find out why they didn't tell me they were coming and they said that Santa Cruz and some other place in California were too far away from were I was. I got really confused and asked were I was but now I realize that I was somewhere in California. My dad asked if I turned in my NSHSS application and told him no and he said well now it's overdue. This puts the date of this dream between July 30th to whenever the late enrollment fee is allow. We got into a van and I sat with bella. We drove with them to their rented cabin. The cabin had 1 large play ground and 2 smaller ones. The cabin wasn't too big either and sat on the right side if the road. It didn't look like California whatsoever it look dark and eerie with all the trees and fog around the area as well as a lake with a wooden dock. When I helped them unpack they had a huge back of food and some of the food was rice sheets. Outside the cabin I made a bed that was probably 3 feet long.