Landlord & Lost Things

Date: 7/17/2019

By aprilozuna

I was with a friend who was a woman and maybe Nicholas. We were stuck in a traffic jam that was at a standstill for a very long time. We were stuck in front of an old apartment we used to live in. I looked to my right and saw a devious landlord who was a man walking into my old apartment and I felt overwhelmingly curious and angry. All of the sudden this man started to try to get in the car I was in. I thought the doors were locked but he opened the front passenger door. I instructed the girl or Nick to kick him in the groin (at this point I saw him as small and Asian). I then proceeded to beat him to a pulp. He left I guess and we decided to look in the apartment. The door was unlocked. I went in and immediately saw the place was in disarray but was full of all of my lost things. Things I had to leave behind. Precious items to me (like pictures... some of Jordan and a blanket my grandmother made) plus things I desperately needed but hadn’t been able to afford to replace (dishes, etc). I realized that getting these things would save me having to buy things I needed. I already had what I needed. I realized the landlord was pursuing me because the apartment was left in disarray. It was like it was almost a crime scene that he was preserving for many years (because I forgot I owned those things) but he wouldn’t let go because he wanted justice. I began to feel a burden in my heart. I was laying on a couch, covered in the blanket my grandmother made, contemplating going to the office and paying on my debt. I remember feeling stressed about how I would get everything out of there and I was nervous about being caught but so torn because it was my stuff and a part of my past that had been somehow traumatically taken from me. As my heart was softening toward the man he came in and caught me there. He was no longer beat up and wasn’t Asian. He told me he was a Christian and was prophetic. I ecstatically told him of my love for the Lord too. I began to weep and tell him of the great loss that we had experienced and that Nicholas and I were displaced to a shelter. He felt compassion toward me. I walked outside and my friends car was the only one in the street. She was hurrying me on because the traffic jam had cleared and all the cars were gone. Wonderings: the man in the dream looked like Kevin Spacey. Hours later I got a breaking news notification that Kevin Spacey’s case had been dismissed because evidence had vanished. I don’t care for Kevin Spacey. How did this guy coexist with a representation of what Jesus did on the cross for me? What God is saying: 1) The enemy will have to repay 7x what was stolen. 2) Forgive and you will be Forgiven. 3) Nothing is lost. He remembers every tear and has collected them each. 4) The battle and the struggle is over. It’s clear and you can move. 5) Satan is your enemy, not people so just be kind to others because your perception of a situation may not be accurate. 6) Jesus took a beating (and beyond) for me and because of MY sins but He is ALIVE and well and has great compassion for His people. 7) “It is finished.” 8) It’s time to walk in a new Anointing and a fresh season of victory and favor. 9) Car represents something God has called me to do. The car was stuck but now is cleared from the jam and MUST move. This is why my friend had a sense of urgency about moving the car. It is time to MOVE. 10) “Her sins, which are many, have been forgiven (and forgotten). Go and sin no more.”