Digital art, Generate an image of a soldier riding a transformed 3DS XL jet through a futuristic army bunker with a maze and a castle-like structure in the background, with other soldiers following on foot or struggling to launch their own transformed 3DS jets.

The Army Games!

Date: 9/15/2019

By Xiileaf

(Not in Dream) I did not enter sleep paralysis, but I did remember my dream! It’s pretty weird, and I know I’ll forget some things, but despite how tense I was in my dream, it was actually really fun! Unfortunately though, I did not lucid dream. (In Dream) I was in my dream overlooking myself, but still controlling myself. I believe I was in some sort of extremely far underground, huge, bunker in the army. Myself and hundreds of other men and women like me were all dressed casually, like we would if we weren’t in the army. The main boss-dude was in front of us and was telling us that the next game was about to begin. I was suddenly transported into a different area in the underground bunker. Everyone was crouched down in a position about to run. The boss-dude yelled, “Go,” and we all started in a mad dash down the stone hall. Some people had already left through various doors on the sides. I decided to keep going forward with a huge amount of people still behind me. I had finally decided to turn. A couple people behind me had decided to follow me because I had come in first place for all except one or two previous games. They thought they could follow me and then overthrow me right before I got to the “finish line.” A couple minutes had passed and I only had about three people behind me. The others had gotten tired of following me. I was running, opening doors, observing them, and finding others. Behind one of the doors on the right were some people on iPads and Chromebooks playing games. One of the people behind me followed me in and picked up an unoccupied iPad on the table and started playing whatever game was already on. I closed the door behind me after leaving the room and walking into the door on the other side of the hall. I walked into it a couple feet, the last people following me did as well. Immediately after they passed me, I turned around, ran, and shut the door behind me, continuing forward. I continued in the labyrinth, turning random directions and slamming doors shut behind me so the others can’t catch up. After about ten minutes, I had miraculously found the “finish line.” The boss-dude was there waiting for me. I was tense as I awaited my finishing position. An instant sigh of relief hit me as he told me I was in first again. Hours later, everyone had finished. Suddenly, all of us were transported onto an outside terrain, similar to that of Minecraft. In the close distance, there were clouds surrounding a gigantic hill/mountain with a huge brown stone maze in front of a huge castle-like bunker. Looking the other way in a closer distance was a huge cylindrical figure striped black and yellow for danger. There were no side rails on the huge figure so being careful on it was key. The boss-dude was standing right at the forest line. All of us “soldiers” were lined up in three to five lines, awaiting the boss-dude’s instructions. He passed out one blue 3DS XL to each soldier. That was all he did before telling us, “Go!” All of us kind of broke our lines and wandered around for a bit. None of us knew what to do. Some soldiered opened up the 3DSs, but they did not work. Some soldiers immediately set out for the castle-like bunker, some for the huge cylindrical thing, and others for random directions. Myself and a few others sat down in the grass and examined the 3DSs. They did not work, as some had already figured out. I tried mashing buttons and trying any possible button combination. Nothing worked. Some soldiers had already found an extra feature hidden in the 3DS XL. There was, instead of just a stylus, the stylus was connected to a very long line of fishing line. When the stylus was pulled out, the fishing line would be attached to the stylus and the 3DS. When the stylus was released, the fishing line would reel back in to the stylus slot, just as before the soldiers had found it. Some of the soldiers started trying to pull the stylus out of the 3DS like starting a lawn mower ((😂)). Obviously, it did not work. I finally decided to try and climb the huge cylindrical figure, just like a couple others, to examine the layout of the land. A group of others had the same idea as me and were already climbing the spiral stairs to the top. The black and yellow figure also seemed to partially resemble a park playground. I saw a person trip and accidentally throw their 3DS XL. It made strange mechanical noises. I did a double take as it seemed to move through the air, but then it turned back to normal. The girl who tripped didn’t even seem to notice, nor any others. That’s when an idea sparked. I yeeted my 3DS XL as far as I could. It made the same mechanical, almost Transformers-like, sound and seemed to almost transform for a moment. Then it turned back into a 3DS right before hitting the ground with a thud. So, I’ll have to throw my 3DS a long distance and something will happen... As I continued climbing the cylindrical figure’s spiral stairs, I found Makayla right in front of me. The two of us reached the top to see a girl leaning on the side of the stairs rail with her elbows on the rail. She was holding the stylus in one hand and the 3DS in another. Suddenly, the 3DS dropped. It plummeted down the side of the huge bumblebee colored figure making those strange mechanical noises. The string suddenly went taught and the girl was pulled over the edge. Makayla and I watched in horror as the girl holding the stylus was reeled in to the now different 3DS. The 3DS has changed into a small one person jet. The fishing line reeled her into the seat before enclosing her safely with a glass windshield. At that moment, I stood on top of the spiral stair’s railing, holding the stylus tightly in one hand and the 3DS XL in the other. I dropped my 3DS and a couple seconds later, leaned forward and voluntarily dove off the black and yellow playground-like figure. I free fell for a couple seconds. I was reeled in and a couple feet before hitting the ground, the jet leveled out. I looked at the center console. The 3DS has turned on and became larger. The screens had turned on. I was still gripping the stylus. I used it on the middle of the screen and dragged up, tilting the nose of the jet up. I ascended and pushed the virtual lever forward with the stylus, increasing my speed. I was about to turn when I was looking around and accidentally tapped the screen. Little red targets popped up on the glass windshield along with names of the people behind me activating their 3DSs. I looked and saw a little checkered black and white flag marking where the goal was. I immediately turned the jet to face the goal and made my way there. The others seemed to have lots of trouble getting their jets to work. Some of them crash landed on the ground. Their 3DSs shrank and became normal. The soldiers tumbled to the ground and did somersaulted until they stopped rolling. They took a couple moments to regain balance. Then they ran back towards the bumblebee colored playground figure and jogged up the stairs in an attempt to try again. The ones that got the hang of their jets were messing around. Some of them, though, were following me. That’s when I noticed the missiles. I immediately launched them at the ones following me. I hit them and their jets nose dived into the ground before spitting them out of the cockpit and shrinking into a normal 3DS XL. They all complained when they got ahold of their 3DSs and noticed a five to ten minute wait until they could transform again. The others that were trying again, and had not been shot by my missiles, mostly started trying to launch the jets via dropping them. A couple of the smarter ones tried throwing them up and backwards into the air. Success for them. Their styluses pulled them into their jets just before hitting the ground. The others started copying them. A couple more succeeded in getting the hang of the jets so I let off more missiles before zooming towards the end of the maze leading towards the castle-like bunker. I set a location of where to land. Within minutes, I had reached the ground and the jet ejected me forward through the open double doors at the end of the maze. Before I landed, I saw some of the people who had headed for the maze and were wandering through it. They looked up at me in awe. I waved at them before zooming towards the ground. I ran as fast as I possibly could through the castle, hoping no one else had figured out how to activate their jets before I had. It had been a long time that all of us had figured out how the 3DSs worked. I finally reached the “finish line” and found the boss-dude saluting me. He told me that I was an amazing soldier. The largest wave of relief washed over me when I heard I was first again. He told me my time for this second game, which was about two and a half hours. I was shocked at how much time I had taken, but nonetheless, happy that I was first. (Not in Dream) That was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had, I’m pretty sure. I was actually half awake the entire time, waffling in my bed, rolling from side to side. I just kept going back into the dream. I didn’t actually bother wondering if it was real or not, which it totally fine by me. I mean, I don’t think I could’ve controlled my dream and made it that fun. All I know is that I wish I could remember my dreams like this much more often.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it appears that you have a strong need for competition and a desire to excel in challenging situations. The dream also suggests that you approach these kinds of challenges with a strategic mindset and are even willing to go to great lengths to achieve your goals, such as by purposely misdirecting your opponents in the labyrinth or shooting them with missiles in the sky. Furthermore, the fact that the dream takes place in a military setting suggests that you may have a strong sense of discipline and respect for hierarchy. The use of technologies such as 3DSs and jets in the dream, on the other hand, may indicate a comfort with technology and a desire to explore the possibilities of these tools. Overall, it seems that you are a driven and strategic individual who enjoys a challenge and is willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Your dream may be reflecting your subconscious desires and motivations to succeed in life.