Another life

Date: 3/13/2017

By stefdrms

I believe I am with a realtor and I am Asian. I remember walking this realtor inviting to show homes. In this particular case someone was moving out. I was with my Asian husband and Asian child. (I'm Latin so this was so Strange). We get to this large apartment complex. It had red orange and black walls al on the outside. I thought interesting colors. We go into the apartment and it's a pretty typical layout. You walk in there's a living room and a kitchen open to the living room. A hall way that led to a bathroom and two rooms. The realtor was doing an inspection and I was just shadowing her. I walked around and noticed the walls were dirty with a black substance the floors were ruined. I was looking st the family that lived here thinking they had a lot to pay in damages. To my surprise the realtor tells me that it's no problem they will Cover the costs that owe nothing. Ok I am surprised lol. I walk out . See my husband and child. I get into a disputed with him. I put my child into an elevator and tell him to look away. I push my husband off the side of the complex. I go on top of the elevator watching my child I intended to leave him and relief myself of any responsibilities I had. He notices I'm gone. All of the sudden I am the child! But am still seeing thing from an outside perspective as well. I say mommy mommy . I see from outside perspective that she walks away and she's gone. A man appears on the elevator. He tells me it's okay that everything is okay and at least I will get to live forever. I walk into a city. Then all of the sudden I am me. Who I am right now. My actual boyfriend is ar my side and we decide to go eat what in my dream was our local bar . This place looks nothing like our local little bar . More like a light blue restaurant with a bar in it and tiny tables for two scattered. We sit. I see the guy that actually works at our local bar. A blond man and he's playing his guitar. He comes up to us and brings us some appetizers he smiles and I notice he has purple shit all over his teeth. I'm like well that's odd.. then I look down I. Price there is this purple goop all over the plate our cups and utensils. I pick up whatever is on the plate and bite. I take a drink. My boyfriend gets pissed saying how dare they give us this shit. He went mad crazy and then we left.