Date: 3/11/2017

By lkregas

So on March 8th I went to go see Brendon Urie. I didn't have the best seats, so when he went through the crowd hugging people during Death of a Bachelor, I was nowhere near being able to see him. I just wish I could've hugged him. So to my dream: I was at the concert, super close to the stage. During the transition to This is Gospel where he went into the middle of the crowd, I jumped over to where he was to be right next to him. I was uncomfortably close to him for whatever reason (uncomfortably for him, I was having the time of my life). He smelled really, really good. So after a second, he turned to me and made a funny face. I can't remember what happened next, but he hugged me and I started crying. Or maybe he didn't hug me yet; it's all kind of jumbled up in my mind. But I know that when I started crying he said something like, "Aw come here baby," and hugged me even tighter. And let me just say, my whole life is made from that dream. I woke up actually thinking I hugged Brendon Urie and..just ugh I want to actually do that. But anyway, that was it. Bye.