Crashed car

Date: 4/1/2019


I was In my new car by myself and I was driving on this highway that was a bridge (over water) the rain was coming down and I was scared my car was gonna crash. I take an exit on the highway back towards the city and the rain is so bad I just know that I’m gonna ruin my car. So instead of slowing down I thought “I might as well flip my car now and get it over with” So I yeeeeet the wheel and flip my shit sideways and crashed my car. I then had to walk up the exit ramp into the downtown of the city When I turned the corner the rain was gone and there were guys in their 30s or so throwing a football around for practice and I guess they were a football team because when I turned the next corner to go to the main road it was all set up like a parade. There were no floats or anything but tons of people on the side lines in red like sports team supporters. Well I wanted to leave so I ran through it while they all watched me. I felt like I needed to see my car again so I starting walking down the highway that I started at and it was kind of windy so somehow ended up an a platform on the water with a sign that read “50 robots left” and there were plastic robots floating in the water like a bobbing for apples game and I guess you had to try and catch them? Then I woke up.