Slept with loose thyme and basil under pillow touching some of my fingers

Date: 5/22/2017

By 22Glock408

I didn't sea salt or stone or crystal, just loose thyme and basil under my pillow (between pillows). I slept with what I think was a memory foam pillow on top. as I was getting sleepy, I saw a white gray mist, rather large area of it, behind the motorcycle jacket and chair, next to the trash can. I assumed it was an angel. or multiple angels. Whatever he or she was, it was for sure protectively watching over me. I fell asleep on my left side with my left hand tucked between pillows, touching some of the herbs with some of my fingers. I had no entities bother me and no nightmares or interruptions or multiple dreams. I dreamt I was in my old Coloma apartment with the perfect man for me. He had a full head of dark hair, a very fit body six pack and all, tan, not short bit not tall, and he was very calm and collected. I don't remember him speaking which was lovely! I remember being in the shower or him being in the shower. We ate often, health food, lots of veggies, and the last kind we ate was fried veggies. Towards the end of my dream I was more focused on the food than the wonderful man.