Date: 3/17/2019

By Trinityskie14

This dream starts off in a house with a black mystic lady (fortune teller) and a Mexican male.And then comes in the main person of the dream, she’s a medium height, I know she is either white or Latina. And there’s a bear (Winnie the Pooh) he comes in later though. This lady has a daughter,she’s a single mom. She goes for a reading from the mystic (the Hispanic man is in there when this happens)(he’s a customer). The mystic says these words during the reading... girl,bear,kite,man. The dream comes to an end where I’m dating the Hispanic man (he’s fine as ever btw)(he looks like the guy from that one Tyler Perry movie with the aunt and the three kids) . He made this kite for my daughter, and when he tried to give it to her the kite flew out of his hand and mid air a teddy bear appears and the kite turns into a dress and then slides onto the bear. Then the dress turns into a shirt and the bear look exactly like Winnie the Pooh (I think I had this dream bc I watched Christopher Robbin,which is where the bear ties into the dream)