Date: 3/29/2017

By annie2az

what happened first is I read on Facebook about this guy's (who I used to be friends with but lost contact I guess) brother dying in a car crash (I don't even know if he has a brother irl). after this, I was walking and more car accidents started happening - including my grandad and some old man; but it's as if the crashes were planned and controlled by an outer force. I went to check on my grandad who seemed fine and then I jumped on the back of some wooden thing on a car with my sister. I saw a girl younger than me running away from the speeding cars so I jumped off and put her in my place. I started to run away and met up with friends. (below are random names) Me, Shelby, Lorette, John, Kristian and John (the two guys have the same name - keeping that fact) are running away from the crashes happening all around us. We stop under a bus stop where Shelby throws up so I walk around the bus stop and throw up because of her throwing up. We start running to try and find a safer space. We used phones as flashlights (It was pitch black, other than the crashing car lights and explosions) in front of someone's house - they opened the door which scared us so we started running again. We got separated from Kristian and John and I think Lorette, but we find a space full of wooden tables which John pulld down so we can hide under them.