Date: 6/22/2019

By emzilla

Went to Bali Forgot most things there Flew back because had to do a wedding. Short stay, like 2 days only. Don’t know why. Flew over the most beautiful landscape Horse statues coming out from the water to the beach Ancient statues and ruins. white sands. Light blue water. Looked my other dream of huge statues along the cliff side. Landed and was given cute kids sweaters/fire coats for free to give away One of my friends was pregnant when landed. Leaving the airport and that friend met with a high school friend (same person who gave away the freebies) That friend was the blonde from river dale. Then Allen and I was in a college campus watching their movie and it was the end scene where they were crying. Allen was sobbing. Then Allen’s brother care in with tray of food from food court.