Nightmare 1

Date: 4/14/2017

By katherinefreimuth

I wake up in my childhood home. Friend 1 is just sitting on her phone. She and I get up (we're not wearing pajamas anymore we're wearing normal clothes) and we walk outside. There's a hiking trail leading around a lake and we start hiking on it. My friend and I find a boat and I convince her to get on it (she is terrified of boats). We get on the boat but the water gets really choppy and starts rocking the boat. She starts having a panic attack and she falls off the boat into the water. I jump in after her to try and save her but there are hands pulling her down under the water. I keep trying to swim after her but there are hands pulling me out of the water. She and I grab hands but are eventually pulled apart. The hands pull me out of the water and hold me back while I scream and try to jump back in. Eventually the bubbles stop coming up meaning she stopped breathing meaning she died because of me.