Sharks and Warrior Minows

Date: 5/18/2017

By LionFoot65

Last night I told myself that I would remember my dreams in crystal clear detail and I think it has allowed me to remember more of my dream. Me and my dad are following this girl in this old apartment who is saying that she can help us but eventually she leaves leaving us confused. After that I'm trying to add soil to these plants in this apartment that Im at to help them grow. For some reason I go into this video game like part of the dream and play at it until I get stuck. I also this guy who used to be my friend named Kyle and how negative he has become because he he inflated his ego through weird and often times disgusting humor although I don't judge him much cause I used to think it was funny too. I also remember I'm in this truck for some reason and I'm delivering something but when I get out in turns into some really cool blue green and yellow underwater creature. Im in this aquarium where this fish tank is there there is also an old Xbox 360 that has a basic TMNT surfing game while I can see dog sharks 🦈 or something banging against the window and trying to scare me like they scared my little brother. After that I see my dog and what's funny is that she's sitting in the position where she is asking for a belly rub which makes me laugh so I start rubbing her stomach. Im in my house and I start smoking a blunt inside then go outside and lay down on the grass on my stomach as if Im too high to function. I can actually feel and smell the grass on my face.