Video Game

Date: 2/18/2017

By broadwayylmao

I was the main character in a video game. Her job was to search the woods for these items but she ended up getting into some demon mess. She gets into this haunted house, where her best friend and a girl she knows keep trying to strap her into a hospital bed to push her down an elevator shaft. Finally it happens and the game ends, and it flashes toward the beginning of the girl's story. She was being abused by her mom, and she finally ran away and ended up tearing a stick out of her stomach before seeing someone and calling for help. It's the grim reaper. He catches her and makes his helper help her figure out a code, which for some reason ends up being a bank account number. After she does figure it out she leaves. She's calling for help on the side of the road when her aunt pulls up and asks if she needed a ride, and if she wanted to live with her. The girl nods and gets in the car. The aunt asks if she killed her mom. Another nod. She says, "you take after me" and then they drive away.