Rooftop Call

Date: 4/12/2019

By Father

I was on top of a series of short rooftops outside with snow on them (these were all subsections of one single house). I kept sort of jumping across them. Eventually, I wanted to traverse another, but I was suddenly extremely weak and too tired to stand. I had to rest on one of the roof sections. My dad eventually came outside, appearing frustrated. We wave to one another, and he indicated he was struggling to use some type of vent or dryer-like utility that was built into the wall. I asked him if I was in his way, and he said that I was not. Still on the snowy roof outside in the dark, I receive a call on my cell phone. I'm so weak that it's difficult to answer the phone. There's a lot of static on the other end. I hear, very faintly, a woman's voice on the other end. She said something in which she mentions a phone number that had a lot of 2s, 7s, and 0s in it. It was very difficult to hear her with the intense static. She tries to repeat herself, but I still cannot hear her very well. I try to say that's not my phone number, but it was extremely difficult to speak because of how weak I felt. I also struggled to hang up the call. It felt like I was fading away and dying.