The FBI, a convict, and my spray tan.

Date: 4/6/2017

By KHDreams

I watched a gal who was in prison but escaped by climbing through the window and climbing down huge long tree branches and running. Eventually highjacked a red vintage car that didn't have a driver but had a little girl in the back when the driver side door was open. Fast forward and they were caught from a tip. She was at the movies chewing gum and the FBI asked to see her gum. When looking at her wadded up chewed gum, they spread it out and it had the impression of the FBI logo into it. They had planted it to try and catch her. If she was the one to chew the gum, she must be the one they were looking for. She had been on the run for so long that by the time she got back to jail, the little girl she highjacked the car from was in there too but grown up. I went to spray tan place but accidentally doubled up and was too tan. At the same time my mom hosted an company world wide event and had to make frames vintage dandelion flower prints as favors and she hated them.