Trump family night

Date: 8/23/2017

By dropanna

I worked for Trump and was doing Veep-style office shit Then I was at a sleek oak table with Trump and his children. It was like a dinner but there was no food. The room was small. My relationship shifted and I was related to Trump- either a daughter or niece. Sitting with him was intimidating. I didn't like how he treated me but I also really wanted him to like me. Trump sat up tall and straight with a notecard between his hands. It was a high-five voucher. If he gave someone in the family the card it was their night to receive a high five and Trump's recognition. Before he revealed it I started talking. I told him he had never given it to me, not even just recently on my birthday! He looked at me with eyes cast down and lips pulled back then turned it into a cheap smile and turned around the card. It was my name. I jumped from the seat and high-fived him. He clutched my hand after impact and shook it while grinning. I was so happy to get his approval. I sat back down and felt bad about being happy that this petty stand-offish man's attention meant so much to me.