drowning at the dam

Date: 8/8/2017

By thatguy2535

i was fishing in a river beside a dam, i was switching spots going to the edge of the dam and the edge of the river. it was very rainy and cloudy i felt like it had been like this for days so the water level was high. there were lots of people there some were fishing some were just tourist. i noticed that there was a touch pad control for the dam just out in the open. i was inside the dam when i saw a child hitting random buttons on the touch pad. a loud siren went off people started screaming the inside of the dam was filling with water fast i saw a ladder everyone was panicked and trying to climb out trampling and climbing over each other i got to the top and was trying to pull people out i got one maybe two people out before the room filled with water and the wall opened up spilling the room full of people and water into the river. the dam was 500ft if not more to the bottom. then looking down from the top of the dam i saw people on the river side struggling to get to high ground i ran down to help i grabbed this persons arm she was wearing a orange wind breaker the water was rushing over her whole body her head would come up every few seconds screaming. i pulled and pulled but i couldn't pull her up, then the jacket she was wearing slipped off...and she washed away. the water was so cold it would kill anyone in minutes. now the water was raising faster and faster, now i was in trouble i was struggling tripping and slipping trying to climb up the hill along the river water rushed over me i was freezing i thought I was goner and then someone pulled me out. i ran to the top of the dam that's when the siren turned off. The river was now calm almost like a lake and there were bodys scattered across the shoreline. i just stared in horror until I woke up