Date: 8/24/2017

By Juliaaramini

I'm staying in a cabin in the woods with my chemistry teacher and my class. For some reason he teaches chemistry and English so he had us read a book. I don't remember exactly what the book was about, but the class finished it and it involved a white walker from game of thrones. The white walker was good and it was trying to help people stay away from the other white walkers. Then my chem teacher said hey what if they were real and the bad white walkers won in the end and we were like damn that would suck and he said well guess what it's real and the bad ones won and they're living in a swamp about 10 minutes from this cabin. Then it cut to him walking out to the swamp and talking to the white walkers and negotiating terms for them to be able to wander wherever they want as long as it's not near the cabin and they talked about how they killed the good white walker. All of this was from a different perspective like I was watching a movie.