Bathed in blue lights the gold maddened his mind through its time.

Date: 7/26/2017

By wanderingSnake

A friend of mine had somehow got themselves stuck in a haunted building and it was my job to get them out. My whole dream was a surrealist collage of weird floors empty of people viewed through the elevators walls, as it went chaotically up and down the building. All the rooms had different things to them some were lounge rooms others laboratories or factory components, but all were abandoned and ruined by age. Somehow everything was lighted in blues like Picasso blue phase only broken by carpets and cushions colored in gold yellows and oranges that moved through the air like ghosts tearing the surrounding furniture from the ground in waves of anti gravity, the objects it took with it stayed blue though it was only the carpets and cushions that were the strange luminous golds. It took me five years to find my friend by then he was withered and old and was driven mad by the buildings strange activity.