Jay, my new shadow demon lover!?!?

Date: 3/30/2019

By always-shivering

This wAs one of those dreams that felt so real that I don’t know if it really happened or not. Everything looked and felt so real. I was in my bed sleeping. Everything was normal until I felt someone weighty sit on the left side of my bed closest to the door. They sat down at I FELT the mattress physically sink in. People say you can’t feel shit in dreams but I feel everything. From a pinch to a grab. I feel it all... is that not normal? Anyways... my mattress sank in and suddenly I could feel his presence. My eyes were glued shut it yet I knew he was there and voices flooded my head revealing the presence of a demon. They painted a picture of what he demon looked like and someone told me his name. Jay. Kinda odd but okay. After this I still couldn’t open my eyes but I felt my wrists move up against my pillow over my head. They were locked in place. I was locked in place. I couldn’t move. I tried to move but I felt pressure on my wrists as if they were forcibly being held here. I tried to fight it but i couldn’t. I remembered poopie was on the phone while I fell asleep and the phone was just to the right of my right shoulder, slightly under my pillow. I tried to turn my face towards my phone so I could yell for help or just wake up Ze Poo.i tried to scream or yell but barely a whispered mumble would come out. Then somehow my head straighten out so my head was facing directly up towards the ceiling. I could see only the ceiling but I closed my eyes and after that I couldn’t open them again. I felt a heavy pressure moving closer and closer to my face until I could feel it on my lips. The demon Jay was kissing me. I didn’t kiss him back. It was more of a longgg touching of lips rather (like a kdrama kiss). I tried to struggle or move or fight it but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move. I started thinking to myself “is this sleep paralysis?” at one point. But eventually I stopped feeling the pressure against my lips and face and then all of it was gone. I farted my eyes open, jolted my arms and whole body up, jumping from my bed. My heart was racing and I couldn’t decipher whether r was real or not. I picked up my phone and woke ze poo who was on the other end..