Shark Camp

Date: 6/28/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of June 27th This dream was about me keeping a pet shark and there were differences between 2 different kinds. One was just a plain ol' shark wandering the ocean looking for prey, and the other only likes plants and roamed the ocean floor. I had a pet shark that I bought from the aquarium. My mom was not too happy about it, but he was so cute, like a dog. I brought him into my basement and he swam on the floor like it was water. He'd do flips and get on his back for a belly rub. I asked my mom if I could keep him, and that's when she brought my brother Chris and I to the porch to talk about it. We talked for hours about how inhumane it is to keep an animal you do not know how to care for. I did know, but I'd like to know more. My mom wanted me to go this this event Sea World was having about sharks with a group of friends. I took Sydney, Mikki, and some random people I met along the way there. Once we were there, we were placed in two lines on this grassy patch of land. One was for normal roaming sharks, the other were the vegetarians and they handed us cups of bright purple jello looking stuff with green leaves in it. I waited but I didn't want to go, I just went with a big part of the group to go exploring. We went to an Indian reserve which this one kid lived on, he said he needed to get the special tent and barbed wire with ceremonial scarves on it. His dad came out and talked to his son about it and decided to let him keep it. So we went back and I finally got to see the carnivorous sharks. When I got past the giant golden wall on the grassland, there was a little beach, and about 60 degrees to the right of me was a little island with an assembly line of sharks. These things were MASSIVE. They were much bigger than chardonmegaladons, maybe 3 times the size. They told us the babies had this extra layer of skin in their mouths that I saw very clearly as one was chomping away on it. He finally went under water and I never wanted to see something that big in my life again. Second dream about kidnapping and paying a 645$ fine