Lesbian Titanic (kind of)

Date: 9/9/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I basically had this dream that I was a part of this orchestra quartet premiering on the titanic. And there was this other girl in the quartet (she played cello I think) that I was crushing on and we kinda flirted and stuff. But then before we could even play for real, the ship started sinking. I tried to get her to come with me but she said she wanted to stay and play for the people. I tried to get back so I could save her but I got split up from her. The ship ended up completely sinking and last minute I jumped onto a safety boat, still hearing her play from somewhere in the boat. Then the dream switched up and we were in Minecraft, me and the people on the safety boat sailing down a river through a Mesa plateau. I jumped out and went to a village and found this punk villager who was in like ultra-HD, super realistic looking, and had a nice black cloak that I wanted but he wouldn’t give it to me unless I fought him. I ended up traveling until I found this giant house. My family was inside but giant. My cousin found me and tried to use me like a doll and play with me. I retreated into the wall through a mouse hole and found that dollhouse things were in there, like a ‘mini’ couch and stuff. I was scared of my cousin but didn’t know what else to do.