Date: 5/16/2017

By GalaxyGhost

It starts in a theater, we are all sitting and waiting, for what? I have no idea. The show starts and its a ballet concert, expect the ballerinas dress glows in the dark. She does her dance and it is beautiful. Everyone cheers and begins to leave. I find my brother and his friends. It is Him, Jake, and the Chamberlens boys two of them. We are all to the side talking while everyone is shuffling out the doors. Then everyone is suddenly gone. We discuss where they went and decide they all went to the school. We head for the elevator and the lights in the theater shut off. We step In the elevator but the Chamberlens won't get in. I say "Whats wrong with the Chamberlens?" They get on their knees and bow. The elevator doors begin to close but my brother stops them. "Hehe your scared of the elevator, let's just take the stairs." They sprint down the stairs and my brother goes after then me and Jake also go down then stairs. It is perfectly lit and then a light goes out. Jake and I decide its getting to dark and start turning as many lights as we can. We finally make it and the Chamberlens and my brother are gone. Jake and I start heading for the school. Suddenly we are outside and Jake is gone. I start running away and around the school towards.... another school? Half way there I hear an ungodly scream. I suddenly have a shotgun in my hands. I realize I am dreaming. I dont want to die in my dream I start freaking out and try to press my own ESC button but its not working there's suddenly a blanket and I drive in and shut my eyes and try to wake up, I beg to wake my self up I cry and scream to wake the fuck up! I hear the horrible scream and I open my eyes. (Dream ends) I am in my room, tears streaming down my face.