Date: 4/13/2017

By aflamia

I dreamed I was in church and the pastors daughter was there with her son (she has a daughter) who was walking and he had a bottle of milk in his hand and he looked pretty happy/healthy. I was in the bathroom at church trying to pump milk and found Jessica's pump that was in a plastic bag so I decided to use it but when milk came out I knew it wasn't my milk it was hers because it was thicker. I filled the bag up with milk and thought maybe no one would notice if it's chocolate. So I took the chocolate milk and put it in a half gallon jug . Then I had to go to drop off joshes kids to their mom who was picking them up. It was in a field in a valley. I brought the milk and I brought some butternut cookies. When I got to the car door she was there in the back seat and another kid and a kid in the passenger seat and an older good looking man driving. I told her I brought the milk and cookies for the kids to eat on their ways home. She told me to put them in the trunk and she didn't seem to care but the man driving said he would eat the cookies. So I was offended but I got in behind the driver seat and we started driving. The man driving said he was a doctor and was dating Alexis and had his son in the back seat with us. Alexis had a different son apparently in the front seat. She was in the back and had bright red hair. We were driving on a highway when all the sudden we were headed towards incoming traffic. They started to laugh and the traffic swerved out of our way. We ended up on a median when I freaked out I called Alexis and the driver stupid. I told him he wasn't a doctor and he admitted it. I called her stupid for dating and having her son in the car with a fake doctor and for marrying josh and staying married to a liar and an idiot for so long. She got sad and offended and said that I dated him to. And I said well at least it only took me 8 months to figure it out. What took you so long. Then she said something else and I looked at her. Child between us gone. I told her I just wish I never had a child with him. She said that was the story of her life. Then I was in my parents kitchen and a big piece of black mail was on my spot with an address written in blue chalk. I knew the address was Alexis and she wrote it. The handwriting was nice.