Date: 2/24/2017

By biscuit

I noticed two small raccoons living in my closet. They mostly kept to themselves, and they looked really intelligent. One day I decided to talk to them, and it turned out that they could understand human speech, and they could speak English. I was flabbergasted, but I learned a lot about raccoon culture from them. They were actually half-breeds of a fox and a raccoon, with the more raccoon-looking one (♀,Tippy) being better at speaking and reading, while the more foxy one (♂, Mop) being insanely good at mathematics. After it turned into day, though, they stopped talking and went to bed. I forget exactly how it happened, but the girl raccoon tried to bite my finger, so for some reason I bit her on the nose. It started bleeding, so I rushed to get a tissue. I realized then that they couldn't really talk, and it was just a dream. Before that dream, I was in Brazil with a group of friends. We were mutants, but in this world, most people were mutants and nobody really had cool powers. One of my friends had see-through skin and really weak ankles. I can't remember anyone else's mutations, sorry. We went to the beach, and then we came back to our hotel room, which had a weird TV. It had three screens arranged in a right angle, and the missing space was filled with a projector. They all separately displayed the same image, so it was basically useless. The entire time we were at the beach, I was worried someone would steal our stuff.