The Creature in the Road

Date: 8/25/2017

By DragonZBW

My parents are driving me down the road at night in a desert landscape, with some mountains around. It looks like California. It's very dark. Suddenly we see a large humanoid creature appear on the right side of the road in front of us, illuminated by the car's headlights. He has yellowish skin. He's hunched over and is walking on all fours across the road, like an ape. His face looks like something out of a horror video game. He has uncanny features. Dark sunken eyes, a large mouth, lots of wrinkles. All of his skin is flabby and wrinkled like an old man. He is in front of the car and we run him over. I am glad that we did, because I was afraid of him. Just to be sure, I look out the back window of the car, but it's too dark to see if he's dead in the road or not. I wake up.