The non-boyfriend sleepover, surprise celebration and the skull ring that lights up

Date: 5/8/2017

By Purple

My non-boyfriend and I were snuggling in a bedroom I didn't recognize. It was elongated, and the bed where we lay was against the wall of the narrower part of the rectangular-shaped room. We were naked beneath a sheet or thin blanket. We were just laying there, and the time of day felt like dawn had arrived and the day was not yet ready to be greeted by either of us. People started arriving, unannounced and uninvited. The door was by the foot of the bed, on the left. I didn't know anyone who arrived. They were carrying gifts and cake to celebrate some event. I didn't know these people, and since I'm not my friend's official girlfriend, I was embarrassed and hid my face beneath the covers. At first I observed with just my eyes peeking through. But the more people showed up, the more uneasy I felt, so I covered my whole face under the thin blanket or sheet. People were taking photos and asking my friend questions, related to this celebratory event. It felt like it was his anniversary with his ex or something like that. It didn't seem like I belonged there. I was not acknowledged by him verbally, but it felt like he wanted to crawl under the covers with me, disappear and not be there, either. A woman who was a few feet from the foot of the bed tastes cake and says "It's really sweet." The woman's face was decorated like a cake with frosting and was dotted in several areas with colorful decorative bits throughout her face. (Cake face is an expression for one who wears too much makeup or foundation. I don't wear makeup at all.) I kept shrinking under covers as this celebration continued. A strange man slipped in bed behind me, on my right. The non-bf was on my left. I asked the stranger what was going on. He knew, but was hesitant in telling me. He really debated telling me or not, because he didn't want to hurt me but didn't want me to be deceived, either. He finally told me what non-bf was thinking: he is proud, he is to be celebrated, he is accomplished. It seemed accurate, but in a vain way, not how he is at all in my eyes—who is kind and smart, but modest. The stranger slipped out of our bed and I saw what he looked like: curly hair that was auburn with grays throughout. He had a long face and mustache and beard. He was medium height and slender, wearing glasses. People eventually left and I was still feeling uneasy. Then the non-bf showed me a bikers-type ring: size large or extra large (for a man's finger), silver with black, detailed and 3D skull-shaped, with black in the indentations of the ring. He showed me the ring lights up by a toggle button behind the face of the ring. The light was small and looked like a smaller version of a flashlight bulb, but all white, not translucent. As he was showing me the ring, he was excited and said, "This ring could be mine. Isn't it cool?" Dream ends.