Date: 7/20/2019

By fmeib

J and I and friends were seeing a show in a theater. It was a Japanese one and it was interactive. J and I were sitting together at like 5 row from the top. I got sprayed with a water gun. During the intermission, I went to talk my friends and ended up taking a walk outside with Annie. We encountered gross different kinds of bugs on the side walk. When we got back, the show was stopped because some people at the audience were taking pictures and uploading them to the Internet. The staff was not happy about it. I was going back to my seat but J was fine. His frat bros were sitting there and I asked them where did J go but they don’t know. I looked around to see if J sat somewhere else in the theater, but I was not able to find him. It felt like I was abandoned, I did not like that feeling. Then I woke up.