Date: 4/10/2020

By caitlynm14117

I had this dream a few nights ago. It was the late 1800s. There was this beautiful little girl who I think was around ten. Her name was Grace. She only lived with her mother, as her father had already died. I remember she didn’t like her mother, but she didn’t make that a very open fact because she was very quiet. One day, her family says she has died, although she’s clearly alive, but somehow I also knew she was actually dead. They hold a burial service for her and I see her laying in this big whole in the ground where two other old fashioned wooden coffins are already in the ground. I knew the one on the left was her fathers and the right was going to be her mothers in the future (I don’t know why it wasn’t her coffin). Grace originally was placed in between her mother and father’s coffins, but she didn’t like being next to her mother in “death” so I saw her scoot over to the far left side of her dad’s coffin by the wall of dirt so she wouldn’t be beside her mother. She curled up like she was going to sleep, but her eyes were open. People started to shovel dirt on her. Then I woke up.