Past notes - lucid moment, strong legs

Date: 6/7/2017

By TheNagual

In a dream where I was in New York and attempting to find an office. At the bottom of the elevator I stand lost, floor 8,346?? 6,000 something? Many people talked to me without meaning. I found a man I could relate to and we rode fast through New York on his wheelchair device. We even snagged a coke. I end up in a group of people, a few souls who are familiar. They take attraction to me and I stand alert, recognize this, and then reciprocated. Somewhere here the dream faded but I remained aware and started to re fabricated the dream aware I was lucid. I attempted to swim through the city and by a tall building, I struggled to hard to get my form down and jerked my leg in waking life. A dream image of my legs, they were strong, muscular, and firm in the ground.