Creepy stalker

Date: 7/18/2019

By Brighter_daes

Me and like 4 other friends were being stalked by a “killer”. He was just this guy our age who threatened us never actually tried to hurt us even though he would come to us with a knife in his hand. We were running from place to place trying to escape him because the police didn’t believe us. We came to a house where we all decided to rest for the night. At like midnight the guy pops into my bedroom and wakes me. I have a heart to heart with him somehow fall in love in like two minutes and am holding his hand until one on my friends walks in and sees him where I “sneakily” let go of his hand and I pretend I’m scared by eyeing both of them and slowly backing away from the guy. My friend runs out of the room to get help from our other friends and so I quickly grab the guys hand and tell him to leave quickly. Cut to where we were outside running from the cops for some reason. We found and abandoned house and hid there. I wanted to be alone and I found a secret hidy hole that lead to an attic. There I found a whole bunch of candy and a long lost friend, rider, who I hadn’t seen in years. We also have a heart to heart and I also fall in love with him. Also apparently we used to date when we were younger but broke up when he moved. My friend then called me saying that we were all sleeping together in a room to avoid another accident. Then I woke up.