Monsters at Dreams

Date: 5/21/2017

By ghostkitten_

Dreams was more of a school than just an arts school. I was walking around with two others and a monster flew out from the props room. After quite a struggle, the three of us managed to kill it. Luckily, none of us were scratched. Unluckily, another monster came out and sauntered down the hall. From there, chaos ensued. I ran from room to room, trying to get those still alive into a monster-less room. In the room beside the kitchen, they were keeping two as pets. I told them it was a.bad idea, but they seemed to have it covered- one monster was sitting docile and accepting pets, and the other was giving a child a piggy back. Seeing the trouble outside, I hurried a few nearby children in and told them to kill it or run if it started causing trouble. The next few rooms were horror scenes; monsters devouring crying children. I wordlessly grabbed the arms of a few terrified girls and took them with me. The last room on the left was, in this dream, the squashed dark boiler room at VADA. I could just barely make out a few sets of eyes peering up at me. I looked to the children I had in tow, and they quickly got the hint and entered. I figured they were safe there for now. Across the hall, a slow moving, fat older man was calmly teaching his kindergarten class. I approached him, whispered the situation in his ear, and he nodded. I asked if I could bring some children in to join his class. "Of course," he said. I went back to the boiler room to fetch the kids. After glancing around to insure no monsters were looking my way, I opened the door and warmly but firmly said, "Come on girls," arms outstretched. They quickly came, trusting me. I took them across to the classroom, and the teacher calmly invited them in. I went back for the others. "Anyone who wants to come, you will be safe." Two boys emerged from the shadows and joined me to the classroom. After shutting the door, I turned out to assess who else could be saved. The hallway was empty, save for a single monster, slowly munching on a half eaten corpse. Peering in rooms as I went back, my heart sinking as I saw the numbers of both children and monsters drastically dwindling. If not in here, where could they be? In the "pet" room, there was a young crying child, of no more than 6. I didn't dare ask the fate of the others. I gave him a fierce hug and took his hand. "Don't worry," I said, "I'll protect you." The two of us together began the proccess of scouring for any signs of life we could. After calling into every room in the main area, we cautiously entered the bathrooms- uncharted territory for us both. We found two older boys in their respective bathroom. They might have been the boys from the beginning. In the girls, a smart 8-10 year old was standing on a toilet so her legs weren't seen. I invited her to join us. She pointed behind us, to a dripping monster in the doorway. What it was he was dripping with, I am unsure; but it was slow and black, rolling down his body. I pushed the little boy behind me, and prepared to fight to the death. The monster and I stood, eyes locked, as I prepared myself, trying to figure the best way out. The two older boys joined me on either side and started talking. I could soon see why- behind the unaware monster, the teacher was quietly and efficiently leading his class past us, up the stairs and out of the building. My heart yearned for him to have stayed and waited for these trapped children. Not only that- but could he be leading his children to certain doom? None of us had been outside yet to see. In a blur, we fought the monster and won again, though less assuredly as before. One of the boys perished in the fight. Searching once more for the last hiders, the girl and I teamed together and the boys led their own journey. I was confident in the older boys abilities, and the younger one had stayed silent and reasonably calm the entire time, so I knew they'd make a good pair. I popped my head into each room with a warm, "Hello?" I heard a small noise. The girl and I looked at one another. This time, she called out. After a hesitation, we heard it again- a small muffled sound. We were in the pet room, half open to the kitchen. With nowhere to hide in here, we went into the kitchen and began our search. "Is anyone here?" I asked gently. We recieved no response. We began looking in possible hiding spots, and the girl spoke to the non responsive hider. She froze, hearing something again. She turned her attention to the cupboard under a sink, and we quietly moved over. "It's okay," I said. "The monsters are gone. You can stick with us." I opened the door to see no one. The girl lifted a piece of fabric and a gust of smoke poured out. I reached in and pulled out a small candle. It was white with pink trimming, and looked familiar to me, though I couldn't place it. I looked in once more, then turned my attention to the candle. The side of it read, "Amelia" with a cursive 'A'. My name. The familiarity was uncanny. I sat confused as the girl continued to search inside. In a voiceover of what I can only assume is the girl, now older: "We never found the owner of that candle, though we did look. Our small group reassembled and left to take on the rest of the town.." her voice faded out as I stared at the candle and my vision faded to black before awakening.