Bill Cipher Again (OCD?)

Date: 1/30/2017

By opullman

So every so often I dream about our favorite 3 sided asshole and last night was one of those nights. I was at school and Bill was just kind of there, as well as a new guy who looked like Bill but was definitely even more of a dick. I felt like Bill and I were already pretty well acquainted, like he showed up every so often to make my life hell, but I kind of liked it? I looked forward to him coming because he made life more interesting and when I beat him I felt so big and powerful and clever. Even though sometimes he got scarier or more violent or he beat me I still felt like the pros outweighed the cons. This time when Bill came to manipulate out whatever he needed from me this other previously mentioned triangle came too. He didn't have the same sense of humor. When we fought it wasn't fun just scary. He was more intense and violent. No banter, straight to business. Bill didn't have any problem with Bill #2 beating the shit out of me, his only issue was when Bill #2 got tired of waiting and badgered him for results (or took matters into his own hands). I can't remember what they wanted from me but reflecting I think Bill is supposed to be my OCD. He's annoying and antagonistic and has literally no redeeming qualities but I can't imagine life without him. W Sometimes I can win and I don't give him what he wants but usually he gets in in the end. He's usually docile but he can get super scary and violent, I'm still trying to figure out what Bill #2 means. Maybe that's what my OCDs gonna look like if I don't keep it in check. Yike.