Date: 8/13/2017

By sadinarus

So my dream started with me being at this soy place with people from my school. I did something and messed this soy program up. The mission was to make a human and have them go undercover to find out what we need. My job was to control it but I did something wrong and Olivia Pope (From Scandal) Took control and said I was messing everything up. So I left and before I left my friend Araziel said something and I was like "black people don't get lice" and she laughed and told her old best friend Jada what I said. So I laughed too and walked down the stairs. When I left I went to this weird sports thing to meet up with this dwarf guy. I don't know why. It was the dwarf from the movie Pixels. He was doing some odd sports thing. And I waited for him with his sport buddies. I believe he was a lawyer. He kept hitting on me. And I told him he had no chance. But eventually we had a deep conversation and I kind of liked him. I was comfortable around him with my height and anything else for that matter. So we left his little sport thing and we headed out to the street. And for some reason I was acting like I was drunk and I was doing hand stands and talking with a slur. And so I got in a car. And the little guy says "come on I'll take you home." and I look around the car I'm sitting in and realize it's my moms car. "This is my moms car" I say to him. And I get out and look down the street and see her stumbling and smoking a cigarette. She hasnt smoked since she was pregnant with me. I knew something was wrong. I walked up to her and pulled the cigarette out of her mouth. And I crushed it against somebody's car. I asked "are you drunk?!" She says "yes" and I said "why?" She mumbles but tells me that my dad (her ex husband) raped her. I held her in my arms and rubbed her head and talked to her like she has done for me all these years. I tell her Everything will be okay. We will get through this and I will always be there for her. I then add " I will make sure we get the BEST lawyer. We will make him pay for what he did!" And she continued to cry in my arms and I held her and rubbed her head. THE END