Cannibals, Sex, & Jealous Gay Friends

Date: 4/20/2017

By SydlyDiddly

I was walking through a country town to the market. While there I ran into this old lady (one of those people you know in your dream, but have never actually met before) and offered to go back to her place to help her cook dinner. We were back at her place finishing the food as her husband and his young apprentice came home. We all sat around the dinner table eating and laughing. The young man was very charming and sweet. When it started to get late, he offered to walk me home. We were walking through town talking and ended up passing his place and he offered if I wanted to stop in to meet his roommate. The second I met him, I knew he was gay and very jealous that his friend had brought me home. Even so, he was polite to me. We went upstairs and I tried to convince my new friend, that his roommate had a gay crush on him (I'm not sure what this had to do with the overall story but it happened). He denied it and we ended having sex (???) so I stayed the night. Morning came and he had to go to work with the old man, so I promised to stop by for lunch. When I stopped by, the mood of the house had changed. It went from that comforting , warm feeling, to a very uneasy and tense place. The old lady still greeted me kindly and I helped prepare lunch. After we ate, me and the young man (why was he never given a name?) went for a walk. He tried to conscience me that they were cannibals and I thought he was being completely ridiculous and crazy. He got upset that I did t trust him (bro I just met you yesterday) but asked me to be careful anyway. I agreed, he kissed me, and left to go home. Fast forward and I was waking up in a basement. I was terrified and panicking, with no idea where I was. I knew I had been kidnaped, but no idea again by who or why. Then suddenly the old man appeared. He unchained me and took me to a different room. The room was dirty with dust and blood. There was a table stained with blood that had an impressive arrangement of tools. He then opened the fridge to show me all the parts of dead bodies. I couldn't believe he was right about the old people. They had seemed so sweet and normal. He explained how he would do the killing and hunting, and his wife would do the cooking. He took me back to were I had been chained and had me sit back down to put the chain on. After he left the room, the apprentice showed up. He was crying and was hugging me. He was so upset when he found out they had taken me. He explained how in the past several days since he found out, the old man had been forcing him to help butcher. The man told him if he didn't help, he'd kill him and me. He didn't make the apprentice kill, just help chop up the bodies. We sat and figured out and escape plan. That night after the old folks had gone to bed, my lover snuck into the house with a spare key he stole, and got me from the basement. We took off running down the street with no idea what our next step would be. That was an incredibly long and detailed dream. Also, what the fuck brought this on?! 😂