Date: 8/4/2017

By jackisback1121

First I was going to go do something with an old friend. We were going to see a movie or just hangout, I don't know. What ended up happening is me and dylan went to New York and began touring, essentially ditching my friend. While there we went to a school while the class was in session. The school was weird. It was very large with big wooden staircases and a huge library like the size of a bookstore. Anyway while I was in the library someone came on the intercom and said that there were people in the school for unknown reasons with guns. I took a peek outside of the door and noticed they were military. When they came in the library they went up to me and I asked them what they were doing at a school. The large guy began to tell me that I was the reason they were there and it was something that I had wrote on the internet that must have been some large conspiracy or something, but that's where the dream ended.