Richard elfman's birthday

Date: 3/7/2017

By janicesuper3

dreamt about Richard elfman having a birthday party at his house which I didn't go to, but my friend did. the next day, all the guests were going to fly to his 2nd home in Berlin in the morning when they all woke up. I was on my way to work and on the bus and he came and sat down adjacent to me. we talked and he got off the bus to go home. a little while later in notice he left his jacket and umbrella on the bus, and the jacket had a design on it and said "elfman". I was poking it and deciding if I should take it or not or leave it on the bus and he gets back on the bus somehow down the road and sees me poking it with an umbrella. he asks what I was doing and I tell him, and he gets his jacket and puts it on. we talk again and I miss my stop and have to walk about 20 blocks back the other way to work while he took the bus the rest of the way home.