Divine Pregnancy

Date: 7/31/2017

By toxxicduck

I was with Mom and Dad, and we and a bunch of other people were going to a peak of a mountain where a huge important holy event was going to happen. Mom and several other women were pregnant and the holy event was going to revolve around that. I was super devoted to making sure Mom got to the peak for the event, even though irl I am not religious, and hate my mother. The important thing was the baby in her and getting there when the event happened. We hiked up the mountain along a line of other people going to join in the event. It was like a pilgrimage. The forest was very bambooy and had small carved statues at the crossbacks and other places, as well as arches made out of stone. I remember passing a pregnant woman and her partner coming down the mountain. The woman was naked except for an open hoodie she wore and the man was escorting her carefully along. I wasn't concerned about someone coming back down the mountain, in my mind she was still on the journey. There was something grotesque about her body though that I can't really put my finger on. Maybe she was missing her nipples and belly button? Idk but it was kinda creepy. Then, at the same time, Mom tripped and fell to the ground, while Dad slipped on mud and over the edge of the trail edge. Below Dad was the trail was just climbed up where people were still following after us. Mom couldn't stand back up on her own, and she was the priority, so I helped her up as Dad clung to some roots. When Mom was up, I rushed over to help him, but he had slid too far down for me to reach him. I felt guilty about it, but decided to abandon him there. I figured he'd be okay sliding down the side of the hill, even if it was really steep. The important thing was Mom's unborn child and making sure she made it to the peak, and there was no time to waste. I turned away from Dad and ushered Mom to keep going. I woke up before we reached the top for the event.