An unusual episode of Friends

Date: 6/3/2017

By SaintDreamer

I think I was watching a YouTube video or maybe it was a reddit post. It talked about one of the most innovative Friends episodes. I don't think the episode existed but it was but how guys in sitcoms used to look like pervert whenever they stared at girls. They made fun of it. So it was the three fellas; Ross, Joey and Chandler. They were at some parking spot by the beach and some girls were passing by. It was sunset. I don't know if they knew the girls but they started talking to them and trying to establish some kind of connection. Now here is where it gets weird. On top of our three Friends, there were a few more guys that I suppose walked over to chat up the girls, much like the Friends are doing. Then some bodyguard type person came over and stopped them. He addressed one of them and told him he can't go talk to the girl. Then he showed this massive container in the car next to him. That container was full of his cum. Like gallons. So the guy reacted angrily but not in a way where he'd be concerned that someone is storing gallons of his cum. He didn't end up talking to the girls but he kind of stayed there for a while. There was another guy that was stopped by a bodyguard but I don't remember what his deal was. Now I found this to be really funny. I don't know how it happened but the bodyguard, for some reason, turned a tap or something and emptied that massive cum container. Cum was everywhere. The guy, whose cum to which it belongs, ran away dry-heaving and shouting "that smells fucking disgusting". The girls were disgusted too but I don't remember getting a reaction out of the guys. The end.