ugly meat, human hambergers, and two kittens

Date: 7/23/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was gifted two kittens, a white one and a black one. I had to keep them living in another appartment room though cos i couldnt have them at my house. I would visit them and every time i did the white cat looked more and more dirty with urine around house mouth. All of the kitty pads were full of pee. I was worried for them so i took the white cat out with me more often while the black cat stayed inside. The white cat started loving me more cos of this and i took it to a bar to eat. The lady served me some food but i dont remember what it was, while everyone else was eating a strange looking dark steak. Nobody liked the steak so they were all throwing it away. My cat was given dried cat food, which i ate accidentally. Then he ran off and i chased him back to the appartment. The black cat was there but wasn't as trusting towards me as the white cat and i remember thinking it was because i never took the black cat out with me to play, he stayed in the room always by himself. They were both dirty now so i grabbed both if them and took a shower with them. I had to pick them up from the bathtub cos the water was rising too high and i was worried they would drown in it. The water itself was very warm and clear, it was a goof shower. Then the scene shifted and i was standing outside with some friends. There were these black hamburger meat grinder things and my classmate got up to step on it. Her leg got amputated and she was screaming as blood gushed out of the wound. Her leg was grinded into meat and i was grossed out that someone was going to get a human patty for lunch. I waited on a long line to get my hamburger and preyed that i wouldnt get her grinded leg. When it was my turn i got my hamburger and put blue ketchup on it, then got a corn bread and chocolate muffin. The dream ended with me happily eating my hamburger.