Rooftop zombie

Date: 3/24/2019

By xCaligo

Devin was climbing up this stair case, which is actually a really common occurrence in my dreams, where I’m climbing this staircase thats a little small and I end of squeezing over the side of the railing and climbing up the center of it which means that I could fall several stories really easily. Devin and I are clombing in this dark kind of wet building. We make it to the top where there are these big metal double doors with a glowing red exit sign and I brace for an alarm because it looks like a fire exit kind of thing. The doors open out into this rooftop scene where a bunch kids are smoking and talking. The sun is about to go down or maybe up but its low in the sky and pretty dark. Somebody had put a picnic table up there and I guy I knew from scouts was slumped on top of it. It was joe, although he looked gray and very much dead and feeble. He rolled his head to the side or something and told me to pick him up and move him to a better position for some reason I wasnt really scared of him although my interactions with him were causing a lot of people to stare. I got the feeling he was still really powerful and had a lot of control over this place even though he was basically a zombie. I sat next to him and held hos back up to keep him from falling over devin reluctantly sat on the opposite side and thats about all I can remember.