2 in 1 night

Date: 7/25/2017

By sadinarus

1st Dream I was in my hometown, and I was driving. For some reason I was driving recklessly. But I pulled the car over before this abrupt turn. Some professor was taking a car test. And we were using my car. And so I was the first person to go. And I don't remember anything else. THE END 2nd Dream So I moved to Florida in my dream. And I walked into an ice cream shop asking about the "help Wanted" sign. The lady working says "yes, you can do this here order" She points to a chalk board and it says 1 under the letter m and 1 under the letter v. So for some reason I started putting scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a plastic milkshake cup. Which was utterly incorrect. So I looked at the lady and she said nothing but looked disappointed. So I put the mistake into the fridge so I can eat it later. And I realize there is an M on the board and that means "milkshake" so I was suppose to make a vanilla milkshake but instead I wind up making a lumpy and nasty banana and strawberry smoothie. The first time I tried, I put a banana in the blender with pasta. And so I had to trash that. I explained to them that I was just nervous and that I can make a really good banana smoothie. The lady that owned the place seemed really interested and asked "how soon can you make it?" I told her "tomorrow" THE END