Kenny From South Park is My Best Friend

Date: 4/5/2019

By n2petzz

It’s very early in the morning and I had no where to go, so I snuck into this garage and went through the door. When I walked in I saw Mr. McCormick watching TV in his room (also the house was the exact same layout of my house irl) he spotted a shadow and looked at my direction and was like “who are you??” I just walked off further into the house and he didn’t care anymore. I walked into one of the rooms and decided to look around. I opened one of the drawers and I saw a random costume and Mysterion’s costume. Then I heard the door open and it was Kenny, but without his parka on. At first he was mad because someone was in his room (and looking at the Mysterion costume) but soon realized I didn’t know who Mysterion was so he didn’t care any more. We talked for a bit and eventually talked about this old restaurant that was being remade; Kenny said it was his favorite when he was younger. We decided to go there instead of going to school, but first Kenny wanted to put his parka on. He said something like “How about you help me get dressed?~” However, this was just a joke as he basically only had to put a jacket on. We went to the restaurant and had a fun time because the remake was all “digital” (like lots of technology)